What works. Mixing metals in your home.

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One of the most popular questions I get asked as an Interior Designer, here in Fairfield, CT, is “What are the rules for mixing different metal finishes in a room?” So I’ll start by saying that there are no rules, just guidelines. Most importantly, you should do whatever makes you the happiest living in your home.

Image from sadieandstella.com

In terms of trend, in the past, people did tend to have all the same finishes in each of their rooms and matching hardware on all their doors. Today, however, just as people mix silver and gold jewelry, its more than acceptable to mix metals in the home too. Mixing metals tastefully is fun and can make your home look current and chic.

Here are some tips and considerations when mixing and matching metallic finishes in your CT home.


chandelier from circa lighting

Iron is a neutral metal. It serves well as a base and it doesn’t clash with gold or silver. Look at the wall and/or main furniture color? Is it a warm or cool color? Think about whether you want to add more warmth or coolness. Add warmth by adding gold and brass tones. Add coolness by adding chrome, nickel or silver tones. If you like the way it looks having only one metal in your room you can do that and still add depth. For this just use different finishes of the same metal. Try mixing shiny and matte or mixing vintage with newer gold tones. Maybe an overall neutral look suits your fancy? If this is the case, consider adding contrasting metal as an accent tone. An example would be a particularly beautiful light fixture that stands out and makes a statement.

Kelly Designs of CT Staging Project in Fairfield Beach, FairfieldKelly Designs of CT Staging Project in Fairfield Beach, Fairfield

If your style is eclectic don’t limit yourself. You can mix metal finishes as you like to create an interesting look. Just make sure not to let one dominate. Instead they should all blend together. When mixing different metal pieces, depending on your home decor you may want to keep them to a similar style and/or separate them in the room. This way they will compliment each other vs. compete with one another.

Kitchens and bathrooms are a fun place to mix metals. Try adding some warmth to a stainless and white marble Kitchen with a row of gleaming copper pots or add gold / brass handles for a fresh new trendy look.

I hope these tips on how to mix metals, in your CT home, has helped you with your interior design. Remember there is no need to limit your metals to just nickel, stainless, gold and brass. There are so many wonderful options to choose from. Mixing metals, when done correctly, will make your space unique and make it feel like your special home.

Choosing a show stopping rug…choosing the right size…

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An area rug not only cushions bare floors, but it also provides artistic value to a room’s design and serves as a centerpiece for your decor. Since choosing the right area rug is such an important decision, it’s no wonder that homeowners are concerned about making the right choice when it comes to style, color, and size. Then after these decisions are made, the rug must be placed correctly in your space in relation to your furniture. So if you have ever struggled with this, read on for some tips on how to get started choosing the ideal rug for your room. One of my pet peeves is walking into a room, and there is tiny rug floating in the middle or worse, askew!

Library in the home of Juliana & Bill RancicLibrary in the home of Juliana & Bill Rancic

A rug should be the invitation to the dance, all the participants (the furniture in the room ) should be invited to the dance (the rug!) When designing a room from scratch some people start with the area rug first, others choose it last. Either way, the characteristics should reflect the rooms intended style (i.e. traditional vs. modern) as well as your personal taste. Once the rug is chosen, pick out several of the colors and carry them through into your wall coverings (paint and wallpaper), fabrics for furniture, drapes and throw pillows and accessories to complete the decor. If you choose the rug last you will do this conversely, that is, make sure the rug has some of the important colors from your walls, furniture, and accents in the design. These colors do not have to match exactly but should be complimentary.

Living Room

As a general rule of thumb, the area rug should be a minimum of six inches and no more than two feet away from the wall. When you take into consideration the different uses, shapes, and design preferences, other factors weigh in as well, such as the size of furniture and traffic patterns. A carefully placed rug will anchor your space and define an area, especially in an open floor plan where furniture can appear to be floating. Create a cohesive look between rooms with rugs that complement rather than match exactly.

For the dining roomPlacing a colorful rug beneath dining furniture creates a dramatic space for entertaining. In general, you want to choose a rug that’s large enough so guests can push back their chairs without sliding off about 2-3″ from the table.

For a cozy bedroom consider a rug with a deep soft plush pile in soothing colors for a calming effect. Create a perimeter around the lower two-thirds of your bed leaving 18-24″ on the outside.

For the Living Room choose a rug that fills most of the space leaving the front legs resting on the rug.
In the world of rugs, there are so many new fibers being introduced that have better longevity and wear. Most of the indoor/outdoor rugs with polypropylene or nylon are virtually stain and wear resistant. While they are not as plush as wool, they offer smart looking designs, for less money and better wear for active families, especially those with pets!

Your area rug sets the tone for the entire room so whether you choose something neutral, geometric, a sisal, stripes or Persian make sure you spend the time to pick out just the right rug for your space and that it is something that you truly love.

For the living room For the bedroom

To Paper or not to paper? That is the question…

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Faux painting move over. Wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way. But today’s wallpaper is different from what your mom grew up with in her house. Instead of mostly flowery patterns that were often looked like foil paper and extremely bold, today’s wallpaper is sophisticated in design and compliments a rooms décor. Used correctly, wallpaper can be the finishing touch that makes a room feel well put together.


Wallpaper dates back to the 13th century and originally had images of religious icons. Its primary purpose was to bring cheer to the homes of the poor until the 16th century when the middle class used wallpaper that replicated designs found on tapestries of the nobles. This was the birth wallpaper as we know it today with two-dimensional symmetrical patterns that it repeat itself frequently.

The past few years, wallpaper has grown in popularity. Modern wallpaper can have bold colorful imagery that is also sophisticated and demure patterns for a timeless look. Wallpaper with a more muted and current design can give any room with modest finishings an instant upgrade.

One of my favorite sources of wallpaper is Philip Jeffries for its wide selection of textured coverings that give any room interest and depth. I also like to create accent walls with subtle and classic patterns that help bring focus to a wall’s architectural details. My other go-to manufacturers are ABA, Thibaut and Farrow and Ball.


Any type of grasscloth can be used in powder room, but not in any areas that get too much moisture. There are vinyl alternatives that look just great for full bathrooms. That said, if you fall in love with any paper that you want to use in a full bath that is not vinyl simply add a clear coat varnish over the paper to protect it from the moisture and wear and tear.

wallcoveringTruthfully, any kind of wallcovering can be a great way to change it up and add a little interest in your home decor. This entry parlor looks great and fresh with this soft blue paper and large scale print.

Metallic GrassclothWe added a navy and silver metallic grasscloth to accent this wall in this clients’ dining room. As they are natural fibers you will see some “strands” and variations and unless its a seamless version there will be seams, but that all adds to the beauty of this sensational wallcovering.

Geometric patterns like these below can really make a non-interesting room a wow factor! Best used in smaller doses like powder rooms, entry ways, or accent walls. Need help selecting a wallpaper for your home? Call me, I would be happy to help you find a wallpaper suitable for your home.

New Year…New Projects… RElove your home

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If you are like me there is always a new project formulating in the back of your mind. Whether its new pillows, new paint, new rugs, new bath…the wheels are always turning! It never ends!(as my husband can attest to!)
At this time of year as we pack away the holiday decor and put our everyday things back out, they suddenly start to feel old, boring and dated. So why not freshen it up a bit? It’s time to RElove your home!

living room

Start with wall color, one of the easiest ways to change the whole feel of a room, is through paint. The elegant living room above uses Gray owl on the walls. Why not change to something more subtle, soft and soothing? Gray Owl OC-52, one of my favorite shades throws a cast of blue while remaining gray and soothing.

officepaint colorTired of those red walls? How about trying a beautiful coral shade like Tropical Fruit CSP-1115, everyone looks beautiful against the warm glow of pink shades, great for dining rooms! Or try Passion Fruit by Benjamin Moore 2171-40, it works well with naturals and neutral like shades of gray and brown.

Color trends for this year are shades of white, yes there are millions of shades of white, some favorites are Simply White OC-117 and Mascarpone AF-20, both create a soft, warm and inviting atmosphere.

backdoorchairWarm whites can be a perfect back drop for wood tones, nature, and any lovely objects that you would like to display.

Other clients both had pine tables from Prince of Wales. We had the table top painted as well as the base to give a gray washed look. Take a peek below.

Lastly, lighting can really transform a room. Switch out your lamps, chandelier,or sconces. There should always be at least three sources of light in the room, overhead, task and ambient. Check out some of these stunning new products and envision how they can light up your life!

Falling… for new trends

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As the leaves fall, days get shorter, air is crisper (okay, it’s cold!) we begin to nestle in our homes. As we start spending more time indoors, we begin to notice our surroundings and take note of the things we like or dislike about where we call home. It is often a time for many to spruce up their space with some of the most current ideas that are in home decor.

Lighting for me is always a critical factor in updating a home.

Whether it’s a new flush mount, like this gilded gold bamboo look from Circa…

Why use an Interior Designer?..things you should know

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I often receive calls from clients and the first words they say are: “I have never done this before. How does this work?”

Living RoomGetting help to design, renovate, or just spruce up your home may seem intimidating but it can save you money and time. Having a designer can help can steer you clear of making costly mistakes.When most people think about hiring an interior designer, they zero in on aesthetics: wall colors, window treatments, pillow patterns. But that’s just scratching the surface of what a designer can add to a home. A designer envisions, plans spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional.

A peek into your soul…the truth about your front door

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Front Door Learn what your front door says about you and how you can style and choose the right front door for your home.

The front door of your home says a lot about who lives inside. But selecting an entry door that fits your home’s style, adds value to your home, and is aesthetically beautiful can be an overwhelming process. Because a front door has the ability to add (or subtract) to our home’s curb appeal as well as safety, replacing it is consistently rated a high-value project for homeowners to invest in.

According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing your front entry door is a worthwhile project as the value exceeds the actual cost. When it comes to finding a front door that is in your budget and exceeds your expectations, you have many choices – including colors, materials, design and safety.

Why a porch? Steps to take to make your porch even better

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 Growing up in the Bronx we did not have porches but we had stoops! We always sat on the front stoop to visit with friends and neighbors, watch what was going on in the neighborhood and it was also a means of relaxation. Today the porch on my house is my place to relax, connect and entertain friends and family.  Porches were originally designed to create a nicer living space for rest and cool breezes. The front porch an be viewed as another room of the house and can be used in many ways therefore how you design it should be specific to your needs.

A covered front porch creates a comfortable space and shelter, a ceiling height of 8′-9′ tends feel best. Keeping the porch raised up off the ground gives a nicer presence while allowing for better sense of security . By code however more than 30″ requires guard rails for safety. By creating an inviting walkway to the front door you you add curb appeal to your home. Path lighting dramatically changes any walkway and creates great appeal. The landscaping of that walkway or in front of the porch is also important to creating the whole overall style and design. Creating a a garden of easy care plants in pretty pots adds to the ambiance.

 The size of the porch is dictated by the size of the house, but keep in mind you want enough room to circulate on the porch and be able to put comfortable furniture in place. You should treat it as an additional room to the house. I find having at least an 8 ‘-9 ‘ depth allows for chairs and room move to around. Even if the porch is small you can probably still add a smaller chair and garden stool to have place to sit and read or enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening after working. Who wouldn’t like to sit on this great swing/daybed and have some fun with friends on a nice summer evening? So if you are lucky enough to have a porch, make it inviting and get outside and enjoy!

The Real Deal: What You Need to Know to Stage Your Home for a Swift Sale

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Home Staging by kellydesignsSo want to know the secret of how to sell your home swiftly and for top of your range?

Its all about staging your home for sale. Would you go on a job interview dressed poorly and your hair not done? So why would you put your home on the market when it is not in its best shape?

Staging has become one of the most common marketing tools used by sellers and realtors to increase the speed of the home sale as well as selling it at top market value. There are tons of articles and information out there on how to de-clutter, de-personalize, neutralize, clean and paint to stage your home. But there is one key part that these articles do not tell you about, the showcasing of the home. The total package, the certain something your house brings to the table.
Home Staging by kellydesigns

Every property has unique features which need to be highlighted and showcased to capture the attention of today’s discerning buyers. We live in a visual world, so we need to present the home in its best visual way. A great staging, besides highlighting the desired features of your property, will connect with target buyers on an emotional level. The home should present to the perspective buyers with a lifestyle they are dreaming of and can connect with emotionally. This emotional connection is made before they even come to see the property. They must like what they see in the photos, the photos must really resonate and highlight the important features of the home. The next step is the curb appeal, if they do not connect emotionally upon arrival chances are they won’t even come in!

Home Staging by kellydesignsSince every detail counts, the showcasing involves a lot of fluff stuff like; replacing decor, artwork, lighting, and furniture in careful strategic ways , always keeping the target buyer in mind.

Did you know professionally staged homes sell on average 73% faster than unstaged properties as reported by a study from RESA( Real Estate Staging Association). NAR (National Realtors Association ) conducted a survey that revealed 71% of realtors estimate that staged properties sell for a higher price, some up to 20% more.

Most recent highest ROI items when staging a home are reported as:

fresh paint, landscaping, new front door, replacing garage doors, new and current light fixtures. The most important rooms are the kitchen, family/living areas and the master bedroom/bathroom.

According to ASP (Association of Professional Stagers) 75% of staged homes sell on an average of 11 days and for 17% more! This is the real deal… why not make the most return on what most likely is your largest investment?