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the fact is …Gold is back! Yes in styles that are glam or others that are more architectural looking, either way it works and looks fresh.

Shawn Capiz Drum is elegant without being fussy. The shine of the light through the shells creates a warm, soft glow.

side table ligting


upholstery Upholstery…
upholstery Cream, grey and blues are always my favorite…serene and soft….adding pops of green keeps it casual.
Large pops of strong colors having being showing up in family rooms, living rooms, kitchens and yes…bedrooms…

Contrast banding on the skirts of chairs and sofas is trending and giving skirted items a new look. Fabrics that run a stripe in the center for a color blocking effect have been making a splash in the market.


Contrast band chair contrast band sofa

Looking for something new?

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Want to increase your business?
Fairfield Chamber of Commerce
Networking Group

Tuesday Sept 23 at 6:30

Artisan Restaurant and Bar
at the Delamar Hotel In Southport

We cordially invite you to join our open house after business hours

Come to network and make new friends!
We are looking to expand our group and would enjoy the opportunity
to meet anyone who is interested in getting in on the ground floor of our new leads group.
We invite you to bring any friends who might be looking to expand their business
and be more involved in the community

Sign Up for Fall Decorating Classes

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Custom navy sofa with white welting and white custom roman shades.DECORATING AND DESIGN KNOW HOW  HOM237
Join Fairfield Interior Designer, Kelly Anne Sohigian, owner of kellydesigns of CT for 2 nights of learning decorating and design basics that will take your home environment from drab to amazing. You will learn valuable tips about color, scale, proportion, lighting and the all-important accessorizing in your home. Please bring a “before” picture of a room you’d like to improve so you can receive specific tips. This is like having your own personal interior decorator. Bring all your questions and be ready to gain confidence and design know how and transform your home. Handouts will be provided. You will learn about choosing colors, scale and furniture layouts. We will work with scale models and layouts. You will also learn about proper lighting and how to accessorize your room. We will draw your “problem” room to scale. In additioneveryone will bring a photo of the “problem” room and the scale drawing of that room and we will work on layouts for that room and discuss any other decorating or design details needed to complete project.

Schedule : Weekly – Tue 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM; 2 sessions; starting 10/14/2014, ending 10/21/2014
Tuition: $59.00
Click here to signup.

Join Fairfield Interior Designer Kelly Anne Sohigian, who will show you how to achieve a professional, pleasing-to-the-eye look for your bookshelf or mantle. She will teach you how to make compositions that flow and look beautiful. You will work many different ways to get a dynamic look and make the bookshelf or mantle the focal point of your room. Once you have the basics, you will be able to change out items for different seasons easily. Your friends and family will think you hired an interior decorator!
Schedule : Weekly – Tue 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM; starting 10/28/2014, ending 10/28/2014
Tuition: $35.00
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How to switch your decor from summer to fall

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Warm it UpWarm it up…
You can take the cool whites and light colors and exchange them for warmer shades. Trade in the cotton and linen for textures of wool and velvet. Add a nice glass of red wine and cozy up to the fireplace.

Add Some LayersAdd Some Layers
Fall’s crisp weather calls for layering up your wardrobe – put the same idea to work in your home and toss cozy wool, cotton, chenille or even luxurious cashmere throws over furniture in rooms where your family or guests gather.

Add Fresh FlowersAdd Fresh Flowers
Nothing brightens up your home for the season like vases filled with fall flowers. Sunflowers and alstromeria are great choices because they’ll remain beautiful for up to a week. or longer. Trader Joe’s has bunches that will do the job. The trick to keeping blooms fresh is to remove all leaves below the water line and change out the water every few days. Or a tall vase filled with scarlet maple branches can create a show-stopping fall arrangement.

Choosing the Just Right Color for Your Home

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Choosing the right colors for your home

First I would recommend looking at your Pinterest boards or Houzz ideabooks to see if certain colors keep popping up in almost every photo. Usually you can start to pull together the colors you gravitate towards when you look at the photos you have saved. You can use an inspiration photo to model your project after or use something like a piece of art, fabric or rug as a place to begin to draw inspiration for colors that you might like to use.

  • If you’re not feeling entirely color confident on the first try, don’t give up! Try these tricks:
  • Select and use only one color from your inspiration piece on the walls. Pick a second color for major accents.
  • Figure out three groups of color in your object- light/safe, medium/adventurous, and intense/daring. Now figure out what kind of environment you want- safe, adventurous, or daring? Well, there you go,give that old roller a whirl and see where the magic of color can lead you.
  • If you’ve got a curtain fabric or carpet that you’re starting with, look for the least pronounced color in it and use it on the walls. If there’s lavender in the background,for example, or a coral color in a small detail, pull it out and put it front and center using paint. This trick always leads me to a surprising balance and gets people asking about the inspiration for an interesting palette.

Choosing Colors…how to get ideas
click here to find out more.

Pinterest Houzz

Gorgeous Gardens

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Your patio and garden is an extension of your home…
View your Patio and gardens as an extension of living space. After all we spend most of our time outdoors during the summer. Why not create a lovely garden and patio area to dine alfresco and enjoy a great evening with friends and family. In doing so you will need space for a table and chairs for dining, chairs for sitting around the fire pit, a place for the grill, possibly some open space for a dance floor or a bar area, outdoor lighting that offers different kinds of light, comfortable cushions, pretty gardens to surround you and of some course music!

For lighting you will want to include overhead lights which can be string lights or led lights on an umbrella, awning or pergola. Then you will want to include garden lights that light up walkways and plantings in the garden, and you can always use spot lights for high light or add outside lamps or lanterns.



Create seating areas for conversation and cocktails amidst the beautiful plantings and great masonry work. Set the ambiance for great night outdoors, make the most of it! We deserve it after such a long hard

Remember when planting your pots choose containers that will drain properly, use potting soil that has some nutrients and fertilizer in it to help the plants grow. When selecting what to plant keep this in mind: You need a Fill, a Spill and a Thrill! Look for something that can be the center attraction something tall or spikey for the thrill, then use something that spreads out like bacopa or lobelia or the fill, lastly choose something that spills like sweet potato vine, vinca, or wavy petunias that will go over the brim and spill out of the container. This recipe always makes for beautiful planters!

There’s a party in the backyard !
click here for more info

Gorgeous garden looks…
click here for more info

What to do to get your house and outdoors ready for summer
click here for more

Click here for gardening ideas.

Click here for garden ideas.

Come visit me at the Pop Shop Market on June 8th

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Pop Shop MarketJUNE 8 from 11-4:00
Fairfield Theatre Company
Great vendors, food, artisans…fun day!
We hope to see you there and after you can go watch the
Jim Royle Steel Pan ensembles at the gazebo perform.
They are amazingly talented and will get you in a “caribbean” state of mind!
A perfect way to end the day.

Porch Envy!!

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Create an inviting space

View your porch as an calling card for your house. The porch is the first thing you see when you come home and last thing you see when you leave. Porches should exude warmth and charm. They become an extension of your personality and style and are the first feature visitors see.

Understanding the components of a porch and how they complement each other is essential to creating your perfect porch. Porch lighting, railings, columns, furniture, and landscaping are just a few of the critical factors that must be incorporated into your front porch design.

You want to feel good about it and show an expression of yourself to your neighborhood. Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. Even if you have only a small porch, make it say “welcome home” with a clean doormat, potted plants in bloom and if you have room, one or two pieces of furniture. Add cushions and pillows for comfort, add a table or garden stool to rest a drink, some lighting, and I even add a soft throw for chilly nights!

Porch Envy

FlagsSeatingYou can create another whole room on the porch complete with sofa, rug, lamp and tables. In the spring and summer potted plants and holiday accessories like flags, stars and stripes can make the porch exciting and fun.

Create seating areas for conversation and cocktails amidst the beautiful potted sweet potato vine and coleus. Make your friends and family want to come and stay awhile!

I found a Front porch illustrator that is easy to use if you want to envision your home with a porch. (See Below)

They have created an amazing portfolio of front porch designs for almost every imaginable front porch along with designs for the ever popular screen porch, three season, and even four season porches. In addition, they offer a myriad of planning tips and information you need to create your own perfect porch.


Click here for more porch ideas

How to Sell Your Home and For MORE Money

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Secrets on How to Sell Your Home Faster and For MORE $$$ Money

Boost Curb Appeal

This is something you always hear and with good reason. Buyers are making an emotional connection to your house before they set foot out of the car. Make sure your house number is easy to read, power wash, paint outside if necessary,mow, reseed, plant, trim back…take care of the landscaping! Wash all the windows, clean the front lighting, add a fresh doormat and newly potted plants to make the home appealing. No matter the size of the front porch, it just must say “welcome”. You want the buyer to imagine themselves sitting on your porch with friends on nice summer evening. Keep the lights on porch and walkway on during the evening.

Boos Curb AppealClear it all out

This means get rid of all your collections, pack it up, give it up, put it away. As sentimental as some of these things are to you, all it looks like to buyers are clutter. You want the buyers to see the details of the home ~ not your belongings. Clothes, toys and tchotchkes all about, prevent them from doing just that. Keep in mind you want the house to look big, spacious, immaculate,well cared for and uncluttered. Make a list of repairs that need to get done inside and out and take care of them all before placing your home on the market .

Freshen up your StyleFreshen up your Style

While you may love french country or shabby chic not everyone does. I always try to imagine who the buyer will be that will come to see the home. If it is decidedly a younger family then we need to make the home look and feel younger. Furnishings that feel comfy and homey , yet fresh is what you should strive for. Neutral contemporary colors work best. This foyer has a punch with a zebra rug yet homey and comfy with an inviting chair, fireplace and beautiful warm colors in the artwork.

Mirrors ,Mirrors, MirrorsMirrors ,Mirrors, Mirrors

By using mirrors liberally you can make your rooms look bigger, lighter, brighter and allow the natural light to flood the room. The mirrors can be on the walls or actually part of the furniture as you see here in this dining room.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

My rule of thumb is to never take photos or have showings with clutter and appliances on kitchen counters or bathroom counters and I do not leave mats on the any of the floors. Always have a secret hiding place to put all your everyday things for the showings. I always recommend fresh white towels for each bathroom, have them ready and put them out for only for showings and photos. White spells clean in the mind of a buyer and that is what buyers want in a kitchen and bathroom~CLEAN!

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

The outdoor spaces create as much interest for the buyer as the interior.You need to create the vignette of the great summer party or relaxing day reading in the garden. Add the decorative cushions, patio furniture, nicely potted plants, create the ambiance, your buyers will see this added living space.

Don't Forget the Outdoors - Deck Don't Forget the Outdoors